False Ceiling Work in Dubai-Which False Ceiling Type is Perfect for Your Home.

3 min readDec 10, 2020

False blankets became incredibly common in recent years. a part of its popularity is thanks to the very fact that it offers greater flexibility in terms of design, aesthetics, and price.

When the Eazytech team provided the renovation and retrofit advice and services to a customer, the owner asked an issue, “What quite ceiling is right for my house?

False Ceiling Work in Dubai
False Ceiling Work in Dubai

So, we decided to write down a publication on this subject and inform you of the pending bishop’s options. Knowing this, you’ll be better ready to determine what’s good for you and what’s not. Let’s start.

1. Wooden hanging ceiling

Nowadays, hanging wooden ceilings are considered the foremost common, because they provide a natural touch. it is a bit expensive, but when it involves appearance, it’s worthwhile. they will be utilized in different reminder colors, like dark or light.

The suitability of your bedroom depends on the encompassing elements and therefore the overall design of the bedroom.

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2-Blaster Roof Paris (POP)

Plaster of Paris provides flexibility to accommodate any innovation in roof design. it’s smooth and even. POP may be a dominant material within the design of suspended ceilings. it’s the best fit for living rooms and bedrooms.

Gives a warm and bright appearance, especially with proper lighting.

3. Metal ceiling

Mainly used for industrial appearance, when the metal ceiling is polished, it turns the space into a masterpiece. Gives a shiny and vibrant look. These roofs are durable and straightforward to put in. However, these blankets aren’t as flexible in design as others.

Construction and maintenance costs are very low compared to other sorts of roofs.

4. Wrong glass ceilings

Glass ceilings also are increasingly popular because they appear great no matter the theme of the house. it’s suitable for nearly all kinds of blankets.

Tumbler ceilings enhance the aesthetics of the front room, bedroom, kitchen, or the other place where you employ it. However, this work must be done by highly experienced professionals because it’s an accurate art.

5. Fiber suspended roof

There is an excellent demand for fiberglass ceilings, especially due to their low price and cheap maintenance. it is easy to put in and operate.

The materials used are synthetic materials which will be adapted to different models. therefore, the suspended fiberglass ceiling offers you a great many options in terms of features and architecture.

6. Plaster hanging ceiling

The suspended roof of gypsum is additionally the sole good choice to consider when brooding about roof renovation ideas. Paints and chips also can be wont to achieve a more supplicated and touching appearance.

This type of roof is light, flexible, and thermally insulated. this text also provides some fire resistance.

Finally, this text should offer you an honest idea of the kinds of outstanding ceilings that you simply can use in your bedrooms.

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